Doggie Day Care

Doggie Day Care

Traditional boarding facilities operated on a indoor/outdoor method. This is where your pet
stays the entire duration of it’s stay unless you pay for “walks” or “playtime”. Typically on a daily basis, they are locked on one side while the other is being sprayed down to remove waste matter, then put into the other area while the process is repeated.This method of boarding (assembly line care), is far less time consuming,  therefore it may be less expensive. 

We do not believe that animals should eat, sleep & use the bathroom all in the same small area. We offer a routine as close to a home environment as possible. Pet’s are placed into fenced, grassy yards 4-6 times a day depending on current weather. Their areas are INDIVIDUALLY cleaned & then their food is prepared. There is no risk of cross-contamination spraying waste through/under the kennels.

Our Mason Co. Kennels are the best animal containment system available. The sani-slope system ensure that NO LIQUIDS from neighboring kennels can enter into another. We are hands-on, treating each pet as if it were our own. Pets are TOUCHED & SOCIALIZED on a daily basis, therefor resulting in a calmer, less stress-full boarding visit. We build lasting friendships with families & our furry friends. Your pet’s eagerness to return to our facility is assurance to you that they have enjoyed their stay with us & meeting their new friends. 100% satisfaction garunteed !



Other Prices & Policies

If you have multiple pets and they can not board together then each dog is $27 per day.

If you have dogs that can not eat together in the same kennel, then they must be boarded in separate kennels as we have no way to separate them for meals when we are at max capacity

LONG TERM BOARDING (30 days or more) $25 per day. Must be pre paid in advance of stay

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