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We operated & function just like a hotel. The first day you check in is day #1, no matter what time of day you check in. We have 3 specific kennel times that you can drop off or pick up your pet.
The​ boarding hours are morning 8- 9am, afternoon 1-2pm and evening 5-6 Monday through Saturday.  On Sundays we  have 2 specific times 8-9:00am or 5-6:00pm ONLY.  In order not to be charged for boarding on your scheduled pick up date, you must pick up during the morning/AM hours of 8:00-9:00 am, all afternoon & evening pick ups will be charged daily boarding.

If your pet is not SCHEDULED to check out during our morning hours, you will be charged for that day. The kennel  space is reserved for your pet until your requested pick up tiime/date.  You may chose to check out sooner,  but with out at least 48 hrs notice you will still be charged.  We block off that kennel space by your requested dates and this is how we keep reservations from overlapping one another. Please understand that just because you choose not to check in until our evening hours, that does not mean that you do not pay for that day. 

That kennel has to set “EMPTY” all day so that it is ready for your pets arrival, just like a hotel room. You can not count the “hours” your pet is here, just as you don’t when staying at a hotel. You are welcome to pick-up or drop off during our morning, afternoon or evening hours between by scheduled appointment. Occasionally & for emergency visits, we will  offer different times according to your needs and our scheduled boarding playtimes. We must know when you schedule your pet’s visit if you will be checking out during our morning hours, so that  kennel may be reserved  & cleaned for another pet  coming in following your departure. If your pet is  scheduled to stay past 9:00AM their  reserved kennel

​WILL NOT BE RE-BOOKED UNTIL THE FOLLOWING DAY resulting in a daily boarding charge.

on sunday only~ if you do not want to pay for the day than you must arrive at our morning pick-up promptly between 8:00-9:00 am. no check-outs will be made after 9:00am~​we close until 5pm
​the second pick-up is 5:00-6:00 pm only, but a full days boarding will be charged if you choose the evening pick-up. these are the only 2 kennel times available on sundays so that we may have a few hours of family time & rest.
​monday-saturday we are open 8am-6pm by scheduled appointment only.

​after hours 24/7 for emergency situations only!!! we try to accomidate those with desperate medical emergencies or deaths in the family at any hour,
​call the shop # and leave an emergency message & contact # for a return call .
*​ if there’s no answer & you need assistance asap, call kim @304-283-1155 *

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